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Low fat section

Mahana8, Mar-31-09 02:59:53:
I think we need one of these sections, I would love to just go there and find things fun to eat and make. Low fat, low carbs, low caleries. and what about a section for nutrinal values. I try to include them in the recieps I have on here but it would be great if there was a section where all I had to do is fill out the Cal , T Fat, Sat Fat, ect, ect, it would make it easier to see how many fat grams I was getting and cal ect. Maybe make it an option. :)) It would be nice for those of us loosing weight and dieting. Or those of us who are choosing to make healthy life choices. This is life long goal for me. :) Thanks
Mahana8, Mar-31-09 03:00:10:

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