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Ruby Wedding Menu

claireandhen, Jan-11-09 16:36:55:
We're planning a ruby wedding lunch for the end of January - and the whole meal's going to be red.  This is our early menu idea, but can you suggest any alternatives?

Borscht and red bread

Carpaccio of Beef with Pomegranate

Red Snapper and Blood Orange Parcels
Camargue Red Rice
Russett Potatoes
Ruby Chard

Redcurrant sorbet

Red dessert - any suggestions?

A selection of red cheese with red cheese biscuits (any suggestions on what to use to colour the biscuits - naturally?)

and for breakfast
blood Orange Fruit Salad
Red Fruit Museli

and for tea
Cranberry cake
Cucumber sandwiches (made with red onion and red wine vinegar)

thank you my friends

steveandsarah, Jan-12-09 22:27:26:
Might be too fiddly for a lot of people, and it ends up being pink rather than red, but we have a recipe for beet gnocchi:

For dessert, you could do red velvet cake...

For a natural red color for your biscuits, you might try annatto, which I've occasionally seen in stores.

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