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perrin, Nov-20-07 15:10:05:
Apologies for the U.S.A.-centric post.  I'm just wondering if anyone is trying any new things for Thanksgiving this year.  I'm giving the Cook's Illustrated pie crust recipe with vodka in it a try.  I think I'll be making Sarah Jane's Brussels sprouts recipe again too and maybe my glazed parsnips recipe.
steveandsarah, Nov-26-07 23:21:47:
We did the other Brussels sprouts recipe on this site (with walnuts and Pecorino) as we have in years past.  Also we followed Cooks Illustrated's recommendation from a few years ago for the turkey... we brined it, then butterflied it and roasted at high heat; it turned out pretty well.

How did the vodka pie crust turn out?
susanandrowell, Nov-27-07 21:44:35:
I thought Steve's turkey turned out great.  We made soup with the carcass, which was delicious and made a huge amount.  I think the brining improved the soup stock as well.
perrin, Nov-29-07 15:50:08:
The vodka pie crust is a winner.  I'm terrible at rolling out pie dough, and this was the easiest experience I've had with it.  It's tender and tastes good, but I think I'll try making an all-butter dough next time, because the flavor is better.

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