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The tomatoes are out...

perrin, Aug-7-07 15:13:05:
So what's your favorite tomato-based pasta sauce recipe for fresh in-season tomatoes?  It doesn't need to be a fussy one, just something reliable and tasty.  I'm personally more interested in the richer flavor of cooked sauces rather than the raw tomato style, but if you have a killer raw tomato one I'd take that too.
steveandsarah, Aug-21-07 02:17:25:
About a year ago there was a recipe in the New York Times (I think it was called "summer pasta") that we've been making a version of when there are good tomatoes around. I don't have the exact recipe to hand, but the idea is that you take a quantity of good in-season tomatoes, half of which, if you can be bothered, you roast very slowly (for a couple of hours) and on very low heat  (like 250--I do this in the toaster oven), having seasoned them with salt, pepper, a little sugar and a spritz of olive oil. Chop and put in a bowl along with the raw tomatoes, also chopped, kernels from an ear or two of raw, in-season corn, and (in whatever amounts seems good), chopped garlic, basil, olive oil, butter, chopped or grated mozzarella and parmesan. Mix hot pasta into the sauce and eat. We all like it. If you want the proper recipe and can't find it online let me know and I can probably dig it up.

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