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steveandsarah, Aug-2-07 04:13:17:
I've read two food columns in the last week in which the writer has presented an ice-cream-making "innovation": Nigel Slater's most recent Observer column, which mentioned smoothie ice-cream, and Mark Bittman's NYTimes column on corn-starch ice cream--both excellent ideas, which I _already_ knew about thanks to Claire and Perrin's recently posted ice-cream recipes!
laura, Sep-7-07 20:55:26:
I have in my possession an advertisement for a little ball-shaped contraption (round in other words) that you somehow put your ice cream mixture into. You're supposed to play ball with the little ones until it firms up correctly. I have no idea, how or if this works, but I'd love to post the photo once we have the capability. Put those kids to work.

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