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claireandhen, Jun-15-07 17:21:31:
Steve,  would it be possible for us to post photos (of the food obviously, not holiday snaps) with the recipes?  Might be a bit OTT, but in cookbooks i'm always a sucker for the illustrated recipes.  I just saw a blog with recipes on, and it looked beautiful.  I like the idea of having a reason for learning how to take pics like that.
Everyone else, would it be desirable,  or is this just another sign that I need to rejoin the adult workforce?
claireandhen, Jun-15-07 20:26:47:
Are you mad? You're suggesting that we take photographs of our dinner before we sit down to eat it - making a photographic record of everything that passes our lips. That sounds kind of OCD.
steveandsarah, Jun-25-07 14:12:53:
That's a good idea, and shouldn't be too hard to do... I'll look into adding it.
Mahana8, May-12-09 23:13:04:
I think it would be a great idea I love the idea of looking at pic. I try the most recipies from the pictures. If it looks good I will make it. I guess I cant get the pic in my mind from just reading the recipie. I think this is an exlant idea.

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