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Kiddie stuff

Suzan_Skylark, Jan-26-07 19:44:24:
Would it make sense to anyone other than me to add a search category for 'children'?  - For me, it'd be useful to have this just for things that make particularly happy leftovers from supper for Aves and Nora's lunch, ideally stuff that's a meal in itself, rather than needing sides.  Nora loved a spinach and chorizo soup that I'm about to list, so I'd love to flag that up to others, as it hardly screams 'baby fare'. 
Or does everyone else really just feed their prec(oc)ious ones exactly the food they eat?

claireandhen, Jan-26-07 19:47:17:
Sorry guys, once again i managed to log in as someone else.  It's me, Claire, asking the above question.
steveandsarah, Jan-28-07 19:12:18:
Once again, Claire manages to hack into another user's account.  Keep an eye on your bank balances, everybody!

A "good for children" category is a good idea... I'll add that when I get a chance (right after I figure out why it keeps thinking you're somebody else).
willandleah, Feb-3-07 14:42:26:
I think this is a great idea -- bravo Claire!  There are certainly things we've posted that Lucy likes to eat, some with slight modifications, some just straight up.  And I'm always on the lookout for more food that we can all enjoy together-- I still really dislike the idea of kids eating nothing but mac and cheese and fish fingers while the adults eat something else, although reality has intruded into our lives and I certainly fall back on the above when Will and I really want something spicy for dinner.

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