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Huge number of leftover (and naked!) lemons -- help!

willandleah, Dec-6-06 01:20:59:
I'm appealing to the collective wisdom of this list: does anyone know what I can do with about a dozen smallish lemons that have been stripped of their peels?  (I'm making limoncello for my father's Christmas present this year, so the peels have all been sacrificed to that endeavour.)  I seem to recall that Nigella Lawson had a recipe for a lemon surprise pudding, sort of a lemon version of my favourite type of pudding cake, where a sauce forms underneath as it bakes, but I can't for the life of me find it in any of her books.  Did I just dream it?  Does anyone else have suggestions on where to look, or, better still, a recipe for such a thing?  Although I'm rather obsessed by the pudding cake idea, I'll entertain other lemony possibilities as well ... many thanks!
perrin, Dec-6-06 05:31:22:
You can make lemon curd without the peels, or the lemon ice recipe I posted here.  A little chilly for lemon ice, but it is very delicious.
steveandsarah, Dec-6-06 14:07:29:
I think I have an answer to the pudding cake query. It's in Nigel's (not Nigella's) book _Appetite_. The basic recipe is on page 420, the lemon only version is on p.421. Leah, I actually made this pudding for you and Will many years ago when you lived on Norfolk Street. I well remember beating up all the ingredients, and then carrying the bowl of raw batter all the way to your house! I don't think it turned out quite the way it was meant to, no doubt because the beaten egg whites deflated on the walk! Anyway, if you don't have this book, let me know and I'll post the recipe. My mum also makes a version of this (known in our family as "Elo's Lemon Pudding"--it's delicious, and I seem to remember the recipe being easier than Nigel's), so I'll try to get hold of it and post it too....
willandleah, Dec-7-06 04:02:24:
I knew I had contacted the right people about this!  Sarah, I do remember that pudding fondly, now that you mention it, since it was very lemony, tart, and lovely, which is everything I want in a dessert.  And I do have a copy of Appetite, and have researched the issus thoroughly with Nigel now -- his recipe sounds great.  I think I actually have enough lemons to make your suggestion AND Perrin's, since I am awash in naked citrus.  Many thanks to you both for the help and guidance!

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