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American yogurt

steveandsarah, Oct-6-05 19:30:00:
Since I just posted a recipe for yogurt cake, I thought Iíd share my thoughts on American yogurt. I was interested to read a column recently in The Guardian by an American who now makes her home in London; while back in New York for the summer, she found that what she missed most of all were British dairy products! I sympathize. I probably eat yogurt on more or less a daily basis, but I gave up eating yogurt for a couple of years upon moving here from Britain because I found American yogurt so unpalatable. And itís not just the big-name varieties full of artificial ingredients. I actually found Stonyfield Farm yogurt, available in New England, which is proudly organic and all that, to be one of my least favorites. Like other American yogurts, Stonyfield has a thick, gelatinous texture I think achieved by the addition of pectin. Thatís fine if thatís the texture you like. British, European, and (apparently) Australian yogurt is much thinner and, simultaneously, much creamier, even when itís low-fat or non-fat. If thatís the style of yogurt you like (or if youíve never had it and would like to compare), I recommend Wallaby brand Australian-style yogurtóit was widely available in California, and I know they have the fruity varieties here in Chicago (though I havenít seen the plain kind, which is my favorite), and also in the Boston area. If you happen to live in L.A., Trader Joeís plain low-fat organic yogurt is also made in this style; I was sad to discover that their plain low-fat organic yogurt here in Chicago is not of the same variety.   
perrin, Oct-8-05 19:38:50:
Is this like strained Greek yogurt, or a totally different animal?  They sell Wallaby at Whole Foods in New York.  I'll have to try some.
steveandsarah, Oct-9-05 21:19:58:
It's not like Greek yogurt--which I love when I want something creamy and luxurious-tasting; it's much runnier in consistency.

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