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Iron Chef America

francineandrebecca, Mar-1-05 15:20:27:
Has anyone been watching this show on the Food Network? I love it, except for the fact that Bobby Flay is on way too much.
steveandsarah, Mar-1-05 17:34:31:
I remember seeing one episode a few years ago, I guess before they decided to make it a series... is William Shatner still the host?
francineandrebecca, Mar-3-05 03:31:23:
Are we talking about the same thing?? I had been under the impression that it was a new show. The host is the nephew of the crazy drag-queenish man who hosted the original Iron Chef. William Shatner won a Golden Globe - he's too famous for a show like this! But seriously, the Rick Bayless ep was fascinating. They cooked buffalo.

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