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Roasted Beet Salad

submitted by jmderusha on Oct-2-08
(this recipe is good for lunch/dinner)
(this recipe is suitable for vegetarians)
servings: (not specified)

You can use the raspberry dressing on the roasted beets.  See Mixed greens with Raspberry Dressing.

Trim greens from fresh beets.
Scrub them well and wrap them in a heavy sheet of foil.
Roast them at 400 for about an hour until softened.  Use a sharp knife to test one.

Cool beets and store in the refrigerator.  When ready to make the salad, peel the beets and quarter them.
Place on individual plates and drizzle with the Raspberry Dressing.
I like to scatter feta or blue cheese crumbles on top and add a few toasted walnuts for crunch.
Great when served with chicken or pork entrees.

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