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Penne with Beets, Swiss Chard, Goat Cheese, and Walnuts

submitted by sarahjane on Jan-22-08
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This is a good, nutritious winter dish with a flavour balance (hot, sour, salty, sweet) worthy of Thailand, although it couldn't taste less Thai.  The sweetness of the beets is nicely countered by the heat of the chili flakes and the salty sourness of the goat cheese (you could probably use feta to, ahem, kick it up a notch).  Plus, there are walnuts!

My baby daughter got a nut free version, and loved the beets.  She looked like a mini vampire with the beet juice running down her chin.

steveandsarah, Oct-12-08 22:44:25:
It finally felt like fall today in Santa Monica, and the beets were cheap at the farmer's market, so I decided to try this. I highly recommend it. The beets we bought had plentiful greens attached, so I used those instead of chard, which worked very well; it was gratifying to find a recipe where both beets and greens could be used simultaneously. Didn't have any cream so added some extra olive oil at the end.

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