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Tagliatelle with Bolognese Meat Sauce

submitted by sarahjane on Jul-19-04
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also from Marcella Hazan.  A classic.

steveandsarah, Nov-10-04 16:44:13:
We had some leftover ground turkey from making meatballs for albondigas soup, so I thought I'd try substituting it for the ground beef in this recipe. I'm certain Marcella would think it a travesty, but it turned out extremely well. I made it exactly according to her instructions, even inadvertently managing to simmer it for the specified 3 hours as Steve was fortuitously late. I worried the turkey might be too lean to produce the richness and depth of flavour needed, but the sauce was deliciously succulent and savory. Granted, the last time I had bolognese sauce was a couple of years ago (at Silvertone in Boston, with Steve and Laura), so I'm probably forgetting how good the real thing is. But though I'm sure this version doesn't reach the sublime heights of bolognese made with ground chuck, it's still extremely tasty.

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