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Potato And Rosemary Pizza

submitted by claireandhen on Jun-11-07
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(this recipe is good for lunch/dinner)
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servings: 2

I swear I invented this pizza but if anyone else knows where it comes from then maybe I ate it there - I simply can't remember. Claire says I've only added bacon bits to a well known Roman classic - but I think the Gruyere is also all my own work. It's like eating Dauphinoise Potatoes on a pizza - except the biscuity thin crust means it's not nearly so rich.

JoeandWim, Jun-13-07 10:30:56:
Sorry - I ate this in Perugia in 1990. Very good it is too.
claireandhen, Jun-15-07 20:28:29:
With marscapone and bacon?!
JoeandWim, Jun-20-07 09:12:20:
Fair point. No, it wasn't. Now that I read your recipe more carefully, I have to agree with Claire.
steveandsarah, Feb-12-09 22:01:38:
We followed the spirit if not the letter of this recipe, and the results were delicious.Very easy to make too. Ours had potatoes sliced with a mandoline (quick and very easy to get them super-thin this way), bacon, blue cheese, a bit of sliced onion, some grated parmesan, and a bit of grated mozzarella. Despite the salty ingredients, I think it's a good idea to salt the potato slices after you lay them on the pizza.

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