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A few minor changes:

As requested, you can now mark your recipes as "good for children", and you can search for other such recipes.

Also, on the "prefs" page, there is now an option to get an email any time a new recipe is added.  (By default it's disabled, so if you'd like to get an email notification for every new recipe, you'll need to enable it.)


A few small enhancements:

- You can now specify your location and a personal website, if you want; this information will show up on your page along with your recipes.

- You can now subscribe to any thread on the forums.  Anytime anybody posts to a thread to which you are subscribed, you will be notified by email.

A new feature on The Recipe Files: RSS feeds!

There are now RSS feeds available for new recipes, comments, and posts.  To subscribe, click the rss link at the top of the page.

Don't know what I'm talking about?  RSS feeds are a useful way to find out when a website has been updated.  There's a simple introduction to RSS here.

Hey foodies!

A few new enhancements to The Recipe Files:

When you add/edit a recipe, there is now a field for the number of servings.  Because I had left this out before, there were a couple of times when I made a recipe and I ended up with way too much food.  (Admittedly, that wasn't such a terrible thing...)

There's also a new feature: forums!  Click on the "forums" link at the top of the page to check it out.

Finally... tell your friends about The Recipe Files, if you haven't already! More users means more recipes, which means more tasty food for you and me.


You can now browse a list of users, just like you browse the list of recipes; click on the "users" link at the top of the page.

Don't forget to add a rating and comment when you try a new recipe!

Some minor tweaks: recipes are now sorted by date by default on the "browse" page, which seemed to make more sense. Also, I had forgotten to add a "dessert" checkbox to the search options (thanks sarahjane for pointing that out).

I spent a little time making this site a little fancier than it used to be. You can now post comments and ratings, edit recipes you've submitted, and do recipe searches. Also, anybody can now create an account, so if you know anybody who you think would enjoy this site, send them the address and they can start adding recipes of their own!